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Heinrich Gill X5 Cello

From the manufacturer:

The X-5 instruments are acoustically balanced for superior sound, power, projection and elegance. The process begins with the selection of tonewood from an extensive inventory of aged European timber. Luthiers quantitatively measure the quality of the timber regarding myriad physical aspects in order to arrive at a clear determination of the qualities of the woods used. During the creation process the natural acoustic properties of the instrument components are continuously measured and monitored. Components are then perfectly matched and harmonized together according to the carefully determined natural acoustical characteristics of the wood in order to maximize the instrument’s potential. The results are exceptional and quite obvious when hearing each instrument sing!

The distinguishing features of the tone are its mellow brilliancy and effortless articulation. Its enormous power and limitless range of color and expressiveness truly make it one of a kind. Using Heinrich Gill’s exclusive acoustic balancing the X5 offers a maturity in sound rarely experienced in a modern instrument. The sound is sophisticated, wonderfully rich, clear and uncovered. Its responsiveness and agility offers the artist unsurpassed performance and capability of tonal nuance.

Known for its warmth and depth, the X-5 Master Cello is capable of the most extraordinary tone colors, and producing the most subtle nuance or filling the concert hall with an ample, rich, and clear sound.

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