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NuBow Violin Bow

from the manufacturer:

NuBow's original and parented design is constructed from one of natures most renewable resources, Bamboo.

The frog and button is manufactured from an innovative product called Sonowood, by Swiss Wood Solutions AG. It is produced using wood species from sustainably managed forestry. Its durability and scratch resistant surface greatly reduces signs of wear. It is authentic wood without any synthetic colors, resins or polymers and is beautifully mounted in sterling silver.

An alternative to pearl is the simulated material called Sanwa created by Kyocera. It is a highly durable lab-grown opal using an advanced technological process that creates optimal conditions for natural opal formation.

The strength, weight, and  durability of a NuBow, in conjunction with its remarkable playing qualities, contributes to its exceptional responsiness. NuBow exhibits playing characteristics that are remarkably consistent to that of a traditional Pernambuco bow.

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