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Marco Raposo Viola Bow Nickel

Marco Raposo is a small Brazilian/American manufacturer of bows and other violin family products.  I have been doing business with Marco Raposo for several years and have been pleased with the consistently excellent viola bows that I have received from them.  One general characteristic I have noticed about their viola bows is that they tend to manufacture some of the dimensions of their sticks a bit thicker than some of their competitor's. In the end, it is about preference and I enjoy their stronger sticks, which tend to have a powerful tone.

Marco Raposo currently only offers two levels of bows: Nickel and Silver Mounted.  They start off at a higher price point than some of the competitors. 

Here is a general guide to the bows:

Nickel - Good quality, firm sticks - warmer sounding sticks- an excellent introduction the tone world of pernambuco bows!

Silver - Denser and more stiff sticks than Nickel - more crispness to the bite in the sound - for the advanced player.

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