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Intelli 204- 4 in1 Metro/Tuner

Digital Metronome / Dual Tuner IMT-204 Intelli 4-in-1 -Chromatic Tuner -Guitar Tuner -Metronome -Pitch Generator Most Accurate and intelligent Metronome, Chromatic /Guitar Tuner -Reference Pitch Generator -Wide screen LCD meter -Slim and compact Degin Synthesized Digital Sound for loud and Clear Tone Specification Digital Chromatic / Guitar Tuner Suitable for all type of instruments and voice built in Mic. for acoustic, Line-in Jack for electric Chromatic Tuner Note :12 even tempered,A0 - B7 (8 Octave) Guitar Tuner Note:1E,2B,3G,4D,5A,6E Tuning: Wide screen LCD simulates a tuning meter Tolerance: +/-0.5 cents, uses Quarts Crystal Calibration mode :Pitch shif(430 - 499Hz, 1 Hz step) and Transpose mode(4 step flat for guitar) Automatic power off-3 minutes with no signal Digital Quartz Metronome: Tempo : 40 t0 216times/minute with 40 steps Beat : 0,2,3,4,5,6,7 Rhythm: 5 rhythms Tone : Strong beat(Chime) and Weak beat (Drum) Display: Wide screen LCD meter simulating a pendulm motion 2 c

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