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Violin Restoration

Violin Restoration

At Sam's Strings, we have the tools and expertise to bring your family heirloom or cherished musical instrument back to not only a playable, but respectable and saleable item. Understanding the structural integrity, artistic considerations and musical expectations for a restoration project are major factors in every project that comes across our workbenches. We welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss options to meet your family's hopes and wishes for your valuable instrument.

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Common repairs:
Bows                                           Instruments
Bow Rehair/Replace Grip       Open Seam
Bow Tip Replacement              Replace Bridge/Sound post
Stripped Eyelet                         Pitch Correction (neck)
Head Spline                               Plane Fingerboard
                                                    Crack Repair

Examples of more complex restoration projects:

New Lower Block
New Lower Block

In older instruments, it is not uncommon for the blocks to have a crack. It is important for structural integrity for this to be replaced. In addition, ribs often need to be trimmed, and this can be done at the same time.

Install a New Bass Bar
Install a new bass bar

A common procedure done in the process of restoration, is installing a new bass bar, if the old one has a problem, or is not fitting properly.

Soundpost Patch Repair
Soundpost patch repair

This is a necessary repair when a crack forms under or near to the soundpost area. Prior to excavation of the patch area, a negative plaster cast must be made, to create a safe working/clamping medium

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